BACS™ has been selected by one of Korea’s largest multi-national electronics companies


February 26, 2017 – Pangyo, South Korea – CrucialTrak Inc. announced that the company has signed a distribution agreement with a leading building maintenance provider; an affiliated company of one of Korea’s largest multi-national electronics company groups.

CrurialTrak’s BACS™(Biometrics Access Control System) Duo is deployed in a large-scale research and development (R&D) complex in the western area of Seoul. The system has successfully finished its test runs over the last two months, and is now used by the entire building. As a result, over 600 employees of the R&D complex will be able to use BACS™ access system, which is capable of fast and touchless authentication with an error rate of virtually zero.


Stephen Yoon, senior director of global sales, at CrucialTrak said, “The BACS™ Duo significantly reduces authentication time for face and palm vein recognition, compared to conventional RFID touch base cards. The fast and highly accurate process allows employees to check in and out of work daily, in less than a second.”

CEO Don Lee of CrucialTrak mentioned, "More and more global companies are focused on biometric authentication solutions, and are heavily investing in security and countermeasures. The demand for multi-biometric security systems is high in terms of its accuracy and flexibility. According to a research by Technavio, worldwide multi-biometric solutions are expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 15% between 2017 and 2020. Korean companies are also shifting towards multimodal biometrics access solutions, for its extra layer of security. With this start, we expect the adoption of multimodal biometric security systems to be accelerated amongst the Korean firms very soon."