New launch and Deployment of BACS Luxury Residence Solution, ‘BACS Suite’

CrucialTrak announced the launch and deployment of their newest BACS luxury residence solution,     ‘BACS Suite (Suite-Single)’  to   ‘L’  tower in Seoul,  Korea - World’s 5th tallest and largest commercial property.

BACS Suite features an integrated palm vein and face sensor and is Korea’s first smart door lock featuring all touchless multi-biometric authentication system.   Its biometric sensor allows the user to freely select the authentication method.    In addition, it can set up a security level that is more appropriate for the user's situation in single or multiple modes,  thereby enabling a more practical and efficient system setup.


To protect against unauthorized access,  the Suite is equipped with in-house security software,  CruAMS (CrucialTrak Access Management System) which allows it to remotely check door access and device status anytime and anywhere via mobile devices.

The Suite is a custom built-in style which fits perfectly into every user’s taste and elevates access security as it turns their lifestyle into unique and inspiring space.     This solution is available in luxury suite residences,   hotels & resorts,   exclusive spaces,   and executive offices.