Catis partners with CrucialTrak for Co-developing Korean Security Market

CrucialTrak announced a partnership with Catis, one of Korea’s leading access control and physical security solution provider that will boost sales activities mainly in government, critical infrastructure, and airport industry

Under the partnership, Catis will introduce BACS™, touchless-multi biometric access control system and SpeedTrak™(Speed gate) as well as CruAMS, a cloud-base total maintenance and management system. It will provide Korea’s firms seeking a new concept of higher level of security with more sophisticated technology and design which has never been introduced in the industry.

The Sales Manager of CrucialTrak stated, “Working with Catis provides a partnership with a very successful company with critical infrastructure area know-how. We highly appreciated Catis’ aggressive approach where they have placed initial order of Quattro and Duo, including a published promotion article on Security World, a number one security magazine in Korea. Catis is an esteemed partner and we look forward to the future upcoming opportunities for us”.