BACS™ Fleet Glance is Making Waves in the Automotive Market


Following the award-winning launch of BACS™ Fleet Glance at ISC-West, CrucialTrak is establishing partnerships with industry leaders who provide and manage fleets of armored trucks, logistics vehicles and ride share programs.

In addition to Fleet Glance’s award winning technology, companies’ managing large fleets are excited about the intelligent integration with their other products; together they make a complete daily vehicle assignment management system.


Integration with BACS™ Duo makes for a seamless operation

Incorporating BACS™ Duo ensures your business is covered end-to-end, starting from the moment the driver enters the facility.

Duo will identify the driver when they enter the facility and, upon authentication, CruAMS (CrucialTrak Access Management System) software can automatically assign a Fleet Glance-equipped vehicle to the driver. Using the local monitor output on the Duo, this information is displayed so the driver is immediately provided with information about the vehicle they have been assigned to on this particular day.

The driver can then proceed directly to their assigned vehicle where Fleet Glance will authenticate and validate the driver’s identity before allowing the vehicle to start.

This end-to-end authentication can also help to create a video chain of custody for monitoring suspicious activities by a driver. Should the driver attempt to authenticate in an incorrect vehicle, an event could be created within the software to pull a video image of that driver looking at the screen that shows their assigned vehicle.

Fleet Glance’s wide-ranging security functionality and driver metric reporting will increase efficiency and accountability.


BACS™ Fleet Glance is a multi-biometric authentication solution for use in commercial vehicles. Fleet Glance combines face and iris authentication embedded into the rear-view mirror of a vehicle, and automatically authenticates and validates a driver in real time, with just a glance. Fleet Glance can be integrated into commercial fleet services where the requirement exists to manage drivers’ time, attendance and location. Drivers can easily access without physical tags or IDs and companies can efficiently monitor registered drivers to operate the fleet.