CrucialTrak’s Touchless Biometric Access Solutions Raising a Great Deal of Interest Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting around the whole world, CrucialTrak’s touchless biometric access solutions have been receiving an enormous amount of attention worldwide, proven by an increasing number of orders

Seoul, Republic of Korea - As recent researches elaborates, Coronavirus not only has a latent period up to 14 days within the human body but also can survive for days on hard surfaces such as plastic or stainless steel. Therefore, it is critical to exercise social distancing and minimizing physical contact with objects which may contain the virus.

From this standpoint, CrucialTrak’s 100% touchless multi-biometric access solution is now getting a spotlight from regardless of any business sectors. Order inquiries in February have already surpassed January by more than 500%, and figures are still climbing as we speak.

CrucialTrak BACS™ is completely touchless and provides multi-biometric authentication using face, palm vein, iris, and fingerprint with its recognition speed of less than 1 second. BACS™ provides simple and clean security method instead of touching your palm or finger on a surface that had been contacted by numerous people. BACS™ guarantees the highest level of security for your health and safety.

Check out the latest articles released by major newspapers in Korea, featuring CrucialTrak:


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