Biometric Security in Future IoT Ecosystem

BACS™ Duo and SmartDoor were presented at EXA Robotics showroom and gave a
demonstration of future lifestyle powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT technology

Thanks to advances in technology, our daily lives are getting smarter, faster, and even more convenient day by day. As 5G is now shifting from hype to reality worldwide, it transforms our world with connectivity between people and devices. It leads to high-level automation and IoT (Internet of Things) environments literally anytime, anywhere


CrucialTrak’s 100% touchless access control products are displayed at EXA Robotics showroom scheduled to be open to the public from June 10th. It is to demonstrate Smart Building with IoT system and AI-powered robots to ease our daily chores such as medical check-ups, deliveries, and cooking and cleaning services.

As soon as a first step is put at the entrance of the EXA Robotics showroom, BACS™ enrollstation (e4) welcomes the visitors. The visitors can easily enroll their biometrics information, either face or palm vein, to have full access to the property. Alternatively, they can simply register their face information with a selfie of them through an invitation link sent to their mobile phone.


Once enrolled, the visitors would be able to explore the showroom as much as they want. EXA Robotics presents autonomous convenience store, cafe, restaurant, and even residential spaces, all managed by the robots. Each area has BACS™ Duo and SmartDoor to allow the access only to the people who has a permit. BACS™ SmartDoor and Duo offer touchless dual biometric authentication, incorporating both secure anti-spoofing facial recognition with palm vein recognition. As BACS™ eliminates the need for the owner or visitor to be physically present or having to share the keys, it successfully realizes the ‘keyless future.’ In addition, thanks to the IoT-friendly environment, the users’ information can be quickly shared between the robots and the devices to provide customized service.


This Smart Building solution is expected to elevate our life standard as it ensures a safe, hygienic, and convenient way of living.

CrucialTrak is a leading non-contact multi-biometric authentication company with its HQ in Houston, Texas. In 2017, the Company received the Best New Product Award at ISC West, the world’s largest and most renowned security exhibition. It was recognized for its cutting-edge technology and business feasibility by SIA (Security Industry Association).