CrucialTrak Signed MOU with Wooridul Huebrain to Launch the Smart Healthcare Business

CrucialTrak and Wooridul Huebrain are teaming up to promote smart healthcare business in accordance with the rising 'Untact (contactless)' trend

On June 15th, CrucialTrak announced that it had signed a business agreement with Wooridul Huebrain to jointly promote the 'non-face-to-face' biometrics and smart healthcare business.


The two companies plan to collaborate on △Biometric technology-based data linking and sharing solution △Digital healthcare-related software and system △Digital healthcare product development.

CrucialTrak has multi-biometrics authentication technology and products & solutions that recognize and authenticate palm vein, iris, fingerprint, and face in a 100% touchless manner. Wooridul Huebrain is preparing to launch a smart healthcare product using CrucialTrak's technology.