CrucialTrak Announces Strategic Partnership with Safe Campus LLC


CrucialTrak is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Safe Campus LLC. Safe Campus LLC will be promoting CrucialTrak’s full line of touchless biometric readers, software, and gates. Safe Campus LLC provides affordable Shooter Detection & Prevention technology, as well as Access Control Systems, Touchless Entry Solutions, and Elevated Temperature Detection

“In today’s uncertain environment, most facilities require secure access, but as the need for touchless access control becomes the new normal, they now have an urgent need for solutions that address employee health and safety as well as facility security,” says Chris Mallazzo, COO of Safe Campus LLC. “Safe Campus delivers the security, reliability and value in high profile business facilities and other mission-critical environments. Security and safety in these facilities is a logical extension of our ‘safe environment’ capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to introduce CrucialTrak to our customer base”.

About Safe Campus LLC

At Safe Campus LLC, we pride ourselves in being an integral security partner of our customers’ business. This is accomplished by truly listening and understanding the security marketplace. We empower security professionals with contemporary, well thought out security designs aimed at solving their customers’ safety requirements. Safe Campus LLC provides affordable Cloud Gunshot Detection & Lockdown, Elevated Temperature Detection, and AI Gun and Threat Detection services. Additionally, we provide Cloud based Video Surveillance, and Access Control Systems. With offices in AZ, NY, UT, IL, and OH, we will provide you with exceptional customer service, best in class training, and from time to time as needed, a team of collaborators unmatched in the security market space.

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