BACS™ SmartDoor in Residential Complex in Seoul

Biometric Security in your everyday life

As more and more commercial buildings are now deploying biometric security access system, the residential complexes are changing likewise.

Thanks to the favorable IoT(Internet of Thing) environment and enhanced system integrations, ‘You Are The Key’ life comes to reality day by day. Until now, biometric access control solution in residential properties are mainly relying on the fingerprint. However, after the COVID19 pandemic, the need for contactless features is rising in the security industry, so the face and palm vein recognitions are getting attention as an alternative.

Won Il Tower in Seoul’s Gangnam district is an excellent example of a residential environment deploying touchless biometrics in accessing the apartments. Each apartment in this 17-floor building is equipped with BACS SmartDoor, CrucialTrak’s newest innovation, and the world’s first biometric IoT integrated smart door.

The residents of Won Il Tower are happy with the building’s door systems and excited about coming new features of monitoring and granting access via their mobile phone. BACS™ SmartDoor at Won Il Tower has a built-in facial camera within palm vein reader, and it provides truly smooth access.

BACS™ SmartDoor also presents CCTV functionality as well as smoke and fire detection mode. Built-in CCTV allows the residents to see who is outside of the door at all times through the internal display. BACS™ SmartDoor is nationally certified fire-proof, and it can detect and notify the user of a potentially dangerous situation with its fire and smoke detection technology.

Keys can easily be lost or stolen, passwords can be forgotten, but when you can access your home with your face or palm vein, you can always enter your home and not worry about forgotten pin codes, lost keys or anybody intruding your home with stolen keys.

BACS™ SmartDoor is one of the newest innovative products that CrucialTrak presents, and it is continuously evolving.