Setting the Right First Impression at Your Business’ Entrance

Setting the Right First Impression at Your Business’ Entrance

What impression does your entryway give to your clients when they enter your business? The moment your visitors enter your premises sets the first impression of your company. Does the entryway reflect the quality of your company products or offering? A poorly arranged, badly working entrance with an outdated design is unlikely to make a great first impression. In contrast, a secure, reliable entry with an innovative or unique design can help fortify the visitors’ image of a high-profile company.

SpeedTrak™ RoboArm can help you get just that. It’s big on both security and style. The gate has a robust build with tailgate and safety detection. It offers a high throughput without bottlenecks, allowing passage of up to 50 people per minute.


The stainless steel body and innovative joint movement robot-arms with aluminum anodizing provide a unique and stylish design unlikely to be seen at your competitors’ lobbies. Customization options allow the gate to blend seamlessly with the existing interior creating a harmonious atmosphere.

Simply using configuration adjustment, each RoboArm lane can be installed to a preferred width between 500 and 900 mm / 1.6-3 feet, making it easy to optimize the given space and number of people to accommodate. On-site installation time is minimal thanks to an all-in-one assembly.

Let RoboArm welcome your visitors with style while keeping your premises safe from unwelcomed visitors!

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