CrucialTrak, Hanssem’s 2020 Fall Trend Show for Co-establishing Smart Homes

CrucialTrak reveals touchless, biometric authentication system, ‘Aibion’, equipped with AI technology


(September 17, 2020) CrucialTrak is participating as a partner of home interior design company Hanssem, in the ‘2020 Fall Lifestyle Trend Show’ to reveal their smart home solution that incorporates the touchless multi-biometric authentication system called ‘Aibion’. With rising interests in residential environment due to consumers spending more time at home as a result of the spread of COVID19, industry analysis shows that this is leading to the demand of AI-based smart homes

As revealed by Hanssem’s 2020 Fall Trend Show, Aibion’s SmartDoor and Suite are residential products that implement touchless, convergence technology using facial and palm vein identification for the resident’s access security. With their headquarters located in the U.S., CrucialTrak is renowned for its high quality, world-certified touchless security technology, which boasts a recognition speed of less than 0.5 seconds, proving that its application to large scale residential complexes such as apartments would be very convenient and highly anticipated. Moreover, the expandability of its features, extending to schedule management and delivery services through the interconnection of IoT technology and residential systems, is drawing more attention to the company’s technology.

Kim Myungjin, President of Global R&D Campus of CrucialTrak, has stated, “We decided to participate in this project with the leading industry in comprehensive housing culture, Hanssem, with the determination to contribute to the establishment of smart homes that are safe and convenient in preparation for the post-COVID19 New Normal society.”

According to a Hanssem official, “For the 50th anniversary of the founding of Hanssem, we declared branching out to develop smart cities and homes as our drive for new growth in the future. We plan to consistently expand our cooperative efforts to more companies equipped with the leading technology of CrucialTrak”

CrucialTrak is a company specialized in global platform business with its headquarters located in Houston. It owns various product lineups that are based on touchless, convergence technology in fields such as finance, automobile, smart factory, and construction. It won the 2017 award for best technology solution by the American Society of Security. In 2019, it won the grand prize at the Korea Patent Excellence Awards, holding its place each year in the industry.

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Hanssem Co. Ltd is a home interior design company that annually hosts 2 trend shows. The show is an event where Hanssem exhibits their proposed lifestyle, which reflects the latest trend in life. The main subject of the 2020 Fall Trend Show deals with the “Untact” space and space from working at home, in light of the COVID19 pandemic. Regarding this matter, Hanssem is cooperating with Samsung and Google for the provision and co-development of IoT devices, while also working to develop a home IoT business model. This year’s trend show is planned to be revealed internationally through online channels on the 17th.