CrucialTrak’s Anti-theft, Dual Authentication Biometric Card Development of Korea’s First Domestic Security Solution

Touchless Biometric Card Biometric authentication matching system introduces safe access control and transaction without requiring server storage


(October 21, 2020) CrucialTrak President of Global R&D Campus, Kim Myungjin has announced the development of a biometric card and security solution that will strengthen security measures for biometric access control and the payment market, while also reducing the risk of personal biometric data being stolen.

CrucialTrak’s biometric card stores user biometric data determined by an AI algorithm. The user scans the biometric card on the RFID reader of the access terminal as primary authentication. Then the biometric data stored inside the card is transmitted to the terminal, which processes the secondary authentication. If the biometric data stored in the biometric card matches that of the user, then access or payment procedures can be authorized by the 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) system.

The biometric card security solution demonstrates a high level of security while maintaining user privacy. The biometric authentication terminal simply determines whether the biometric data on the card matches that of the user. Since the data does not get stored on the device or server, the risk of personal information being stolen is incredibly low. In cases where the biometric card is lost or stolen, given that the user’s biometric data does not match that of the card, successful authentication does not occur. This 100% touchless authentication method provides a more hygienic environment to replace standard fingerprint authentication which will be a requirement in a post-COVID world. Additionally, when applied to payment procedures this solution has the ability to seamlessly replace signatures as, a formal verification method of card owners.

The biometric card solution can be extensively utilized since it not only applies to CrucialTrak’s touchless, multi-biometric authentication system, but is also compatible with biometric terminals of other manufacturers. In November, CrucialTrak plans to provide examples of its application and detailed information regarding the expandability of the product at an official product exhibition and demonstration conference that will host officials from multiple media and security IT industries.

Kim has also stated that, “Using our fingerprints and facial information for transactions on our smartphones, or facial recognition when entering certain areas have become the norm. We have reached the point where social debate is rampant about how important it is to safely manage each individual’s unique biometric data. I feel confident that our newly developed biometric card security solution will put an end to this discussion.”

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CrucialTrak is a company that specializes in global platform business with its headquarters located in Houston, Texas. It owns various product lineups that are based on touchless interactions with convergence in technological fields such as finance, automobile, smart factory, and construction. It won the 2017 award for best new product by the Security Industry Association. In 2019, it won the grand prize at the Korea Patent Excellence Awards, holding its place each year in the industry.