BACS™ Quattro

100% Touchless Multi-Biometric Access Control Reader

Multi-Biometric Reader

This powerful multi-modal biometric access control system enables customers to heighten security when identity verification is critical. Quattro frees you of the daily nuisances of lost keys and forgotten passcodes. It combines face, iris, palm vein, and fingerprint authentication in a single integrated unit.

Multi-Biometric Reader

Highest Level of Security & Versatility

BACS Quattro is the world’s first multi-biometric authentication system that offers the option to use up to four authentication methods in one device.

Speed and Convenience

Quattro’s motion tracking function intelligently recognizes an on-coming object and authenticates it within 0.05 seconds.

The intuitive user interface not only reduces user error, but also allows a simultaneous authentication of face and iris, as well as fingerprint and palm vein in a natural hand movement.

Multi-Biometric Reader
Multi-Biometric Reader

One of a Kind Design

CrucialTrak readers have a sleek and modern design, while still offering top-notch security.

Biometric Technologies

Freedom to use any combination of up to four biometric modalities, in one reader. All biometric templates are securely saved using AES 256 data encryption.

Multi-Biometric Reader
CrucialTrak’s unique facial recognition technology offers the fastest, most advanced and convenient authentication experience, authenticating the user in under a second.

- Up to 1.2 m / 3.9 ft recognition distance
- The automated facial tracking mechanism has a wide angle recognition zone120 to 220 cm / 3’11” to 7’2” and is ADA compliant.

Multi-Biometric Reader
Because each individual fingerprint is unique, the fingerprint modality can even distinguish amongst identical twins.

- Touchless and hygienic user experience
- Simultanious recognition of 3 fingerprints and palm vein

Multi-Biometric Reader
Palm Vein
The highly reliable palm vein modality offers fast authentication while letting you hold your palm vein in a very natural position over the reader.

- FAR 0.00001% means virtually zero false acceptance rate
- Anti-fraud liveliness detection

Multi-Biometric Reader
World’s first auto-tracking mechanism ensures fast and convenient authentication.

- High enroll capacity for up to 100,000 users
- Infrared technology detects the iris independent of ambient light


BACS™ (Biometric Access Control System) can be applied from critical infrastructures where the highest level of security is required, to small size businesses that have lower security requirements but still want to improve on unique authentication abilities

Biometric Access Control System Application

Government Agencies

Medical Facilities

High-end Commercial Properties

Critical Infrastructure

Financial Institutions

Key Specifications

Model Name BACS™ Quattro
CPU Intel Core i3
Memory / Storage 8 GB / 64 GB, 128 GB optional
Built in Display 5 icon indicators / Round LED indicators
Color Metal Brown, Titanium White, Platinum Silver
Operation Mode Touchless Fingerprint, Face, Iris and Palm Vein (single or multi-mode)
Biometric Recognitions Fingerprint Face Iris Palm Vein
Recognition Distance 25 - 77 mm / 1 - 3 in Up to 1.2 m / 3.9 ft Up to 1 m / 3.3 ft 35 - 76 mm / 1.4 - 3 in
Capture 3 fingers - Both eyes -
FAR/FRR of Algorithm 0.00002 / 0.01 0.001 / 0.1 0.0001 / 0.1 0.00001 / 0.01
Image Log Capacity 50,000 50,000 100,000 5,000
Encryption AES 256
Safety IEC 62471, UL60950-1, EN60950-1
Speak Out Sound effect
Status Indication Motion lighting
Dimensions (W x D x H) 200 mm x 200 mm x 192 mm / 7.8 in x 7.8 in x 7.5 in
Weight 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb
Communications Gigabit Ethernet, RS-485, Wiegand in/out, Relay x 2
Event Log Capacity 1,000,000
Remote Control Built-in web server
Power 12 V DC / 5 A
Proximity Sensor 2 proximity sensors are built in and distance adjustable for sensing body and hand
Languages English (customizing available)
Operating Temperature -10 - 60 °C / 14 - 140 °F
Operating Humidity Max 80 % (RH)
Storage Temperature -20 - 70 °C / -4 - 158 °F
Certifications CE,  NRTL,  TUV,  KC,  FCC
Housing Materials Flame retardant ABS, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene
Management SW CruAMS (CrucialTrak Access Management System)
Connections 28p terminal block, Ethernet connector, HDMI connector (debug), USB 2.0 connector (debug)
Mounting Default mounting bracket included

Product View

BACS™ Quattro


BACS™ Quattro Dimensions

User Guide

Palm Vein Recognition

Palm Vein Recognition Spread your hand and place it perpendicularly to the palm vein sensor. Align the center of your palm with the center of the sensor. Then move your hand slowly up or down at a distance of 3.5–7 cm (1.3-2.7 in) from the product. The fingerprint ToF sensor will scan your palm and the fingerprint light will turn green. Remain still while your palm vein is being scanned.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Stand at a distance about 50–60 cm (19.6-2.3 in) from the product, and look at the face camera. Adjust your face so it can be parallel to the camera. To recognize your face, the pan and tilt modules are moving in the direction of your face to adjust the angle of camera.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition Place your hand perpendicularly to the fingerprint camera. Place the first knuckle of the finger so that it can cover the camera. Then, adjust your hand at a distance of 9-10 cm (3.5-3.9 in) from the product. The fingerprint ToF sensor will scan your palm and the fingerprint light will turn green. Move your finger closer slowly down to a distance of 3.5-5 cm (1.3- 1.9 in) from the camera. It will sound when your fingerprints are scanned.

Iris Recognition

Iris Recognition Stand at a distance about 50–80 cm (19.6-31.5 in) from the product. Adjust your face so it can be parallel to the iris camera, and look at the camera for 1–3 seconds. The iris light will turn in red. To recognize your irises, the pan and tilt modules are moving to adjust the angle of camera.



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