CruAMS - CrucialTrak Access Management System

Extensive functionality in access control, terminal management, and users' time & attendance monitoring



The Monitoring modality provides real-time logs of users’ access activity at installed terminals as well as a complete access history. All data logs can also be exported as Excel or as CSV files.


Terminal Management

Terminal management modality allows for adding, deleting, and configuring readers. You can set authentication rules, including stricter authentication for specific times like holidays or times outside regular office hours. For example, you can set specific access terminals to require single-mode authentication during office hours, and multi-biometric authentication at other times, e.g., when the building’s lobby guard is not on duty. Manual data synchronizing with desired readers is also possible.


User Management

Manage user rights and enroll new users and their biometrics in the system using any of the connected readers in the premises.


User Access Management

CruAMS allows for defining exactly which areas/readers each employee is allowed to access in the premises. These authorized areas can be managed in the User Access modality.


Site Map

The Site Map modality allows for visually presenting all readers on one or more floor plans while showing a real-time access activity log of the installed readers.


TNA (Time & Attendance)

Using the terminal management modality, one or more terminals can be set as TNA. This records the times each employee came or went from the office. The TNA modality contains these logs and allows for exporting the data as Excel or CSV files.



Using the terminal management modality, one or more terminals can be set as meal terminals. An employee is authenticated at the ‘meal terminal’ within a certain time frame, an the meal (e.g. breakfast, lunch or dinner) will be recorded in the employee’s data log. The meal modality allows for monitoring or exporting meal logs.



CruAMS Datasheet

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