BACS™ SmartDoor

The World's First Biometric IoT Integrated Smart Door

Multi-Biometric Reader

BACS™ SmartDoor is the world’s first IoT multi-factor biometric door, offering the highest security features to protect what is most important. SmartDoor offers touchless dual-biometric authentication, incorporating both secure anti-spoofing facial recognition and palm vein recognition.

Maximized Security Layers

In addition to biometric facial and palm vein recognition, SmartDoor features a built-in QR scanner, RFID reader, and a ten-key PIN option. The user has the freedom to use any single authentication method or a combination of them that best suits their needs and security requirements

Flexible Visitor Solution

With remote access control, SmartDoor offers a convenient solution for visitors by allowing you to send a one-time QR code to their mobile phone. This feature provides access to visitors without the need of sharing keys or the owner being physically present.

Additional Security Features

Built-in CCTV functionality allows you visibility of who is outside your door at all times through an internal 32” mirrored display.

SmartDoor is nationally certified fire-proof, and it has the capability to detect and notify the user of a potentially dangerous situation with its fire and smoke detection technology.


Biometric Technologies

All biometric templates are securely saved using AES 256 data encryption.

Multi-Biometric Reader

- Anti-spoofing facial recognition
- Wide authentication angle: 60 degrees

Multi-Biometric Reader
Palm Vein

-FAR 0.00001% means virtually zero false acceptance rate
- Anti-fraud liveness detection


BACS™ Suite

High-end Residential Buildings

Hotels & Resorts

Exclusive Spaces

Executive Offices


SmartDoor Datasheet

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