Visitor Management System

Streamline and automate visitor processes with
CrucialTrak's Visitor Management System

Grant your visitors access to designated areas in the building at a specified date and time. Visitors can access the building using facial recognition or a unique QR code sent to their mobile phone, without the need to register at the front desk.

Easy Operation

ㆍVisitors can enroll their picture using a mobile device - image data is temporarily stored on a server

ㆍWhen the visitor arrives at the entrance the BACS™ reader will automatically authenticate the visitor using biometric facial recognition

ㆍPossibility to use a one-time QR code instead, or in addition to facial recognition


· Save on costs related to front desk service

· Gain insight through visit statistics like visitors per company or visiting times and days

· Manage multiple buildings with one central management server

· Compatible with all BACS™ terminals


[Product] CruVMS(Visitor Management Software) Overview


Visitor Management Datasheet

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