CrucialTrak was featured on YTN Science

CrucialTrak was featured on YTN Science
for its innovative 100% touchless multi-biometric solution

Have you ever wondered what it looks like behind the scenes at CrucialTrak’s R&D campus, or what kind of technologies are incorporated into the biometric security systems that CrucialTrak has developed?

CrucialTrak’s innovative products and solutions were recently featured on YTN Science; a Korean broadcasting channel specialized in providing a wide range of science information and the latest innovative products. The program, Golden Compass(YTN 황금나침반), introduces companies with remarkable technologies and products, and CrucialTrak was proudly presented as the main part of the program.


How does a multi-biometric reader recognize people and determine whether to grant them access or not? How can visitors enter buildings and areas that are protected with biometric access control systems? In the video, filmed at CrucialTrak’s Global Campus in Korea, you can find all the answers to these and many more questions, as well as meet some of our staff members who are working hard to make a keyless future!